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Flood Relief

Our hearts are beyond broken to see so many communities across Australia still affected by the impact of flooding, or worse, reoccurring flooding. 

We are committed to helping communities with the long road to recovery, and will continue providing support where it is needed, along the way. Letting people know they are not alone has been an important part of our relief work. 

You can get involved by donating our requested items  or by donating funds to help with the purchasing of items that are needed. 

At this time, funds are most beneficial - although we recognise they are not quite as fun to donate. 

Some feedback we have received from your donations this year have included: 

"Oh my goodness. Your shoe boxes of love are amazing!!! Thank you so all so much. Was like Christmas!!! Thank you for the wonderful work you do. Who would have thought the first place we received assistance from would be from the other side of the country.". ~ the Fletcher Family, Queensland Flood relief, March 2022.

"As a single Mum of three teen boys, affected by the 2022 Brisbane floods, I was overwhelmed when I received our boxes today. Not only did we have access to many things not at our temporary accommodation, but inside my box was a beautiful message of strength, courage and hope from an unknown person. Such a beautiful and welcome gift to brighten these dark and frustrating days... thank you for the bottom of our hearts" ~ Queensland Flood relief, April 2022.

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