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Mission and Objectives

Our Mission is simple - to provide love and hope to communities affected by disasters across Australia.

The objectives of Shoe Boxes of Love are:

  • To provide Australians affected by disasters with love and hope through small boxes of luxury items, donated by the wider community;

  • To empower the wider community, by providing opportunities to contribute directly to those affected by disasters;

  • To educate the public on how to best assist those in need, whether through our own appeals or through those run by other organisations;

  • To establish collection points and distribution networks in all states of Australia;

  • To develop partnerships with reputable organisations to aid in the distribution of Shoe Boxes of Love;

  • To operate as an unbiased, non-religious charity, by respecting and working with other existing charities to ensure donations are given to those in need, as soon as possible, regardless of religious stance;

  • To simply bring a smile to those who have had their lives severely affected by disaster.

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