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About Us

Here at Shoe Boxes of Love, we take pride in providing an innovative, meaningful and effective way of supporting communities affected by disasters. Our work is based around providing disaster affected communities with a small gift from the wide community to let them know that someone cares. Doing so, also provides the wider community with an affordable, meaningful, and practical way of contributing to disaster relief efforts, whilst keeping it fun and interactive.

Shoe boxes of love (or boxes filled with essential and luxury personal care items) are donated by people, just like you and me, to one of our drop off locations. Boxes are sorted (processed) in our head office to ensure they are of the best quality, before being packaged ready for distribution.

Utilising relationships with our valued partners, both Government and private, our shoe boxes of love are distributed to people being affected or displaced by floods, fires, cyclones and drought right across Australia.

But our work doesn't stop there! We also provide bulk toiletries to Relief Centres and Base Camps (for Emergency Service Responders), care packs for Emergency Service Volunteers and PPE packs for volunteers helping with the clean up and recovery process.

Shoe Boxes of Love is a unique, entirely volunteer run organisation, that does not receive government funding or grants. We rely on the generosity of businesses, and people, just like you, to help us support those in need.

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